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  • What About Her: A True Story of Clergy, Abuse, Survival
    by Beth Van Dyke

    Beth van Dyke is the pseudo name for the woman who has founded Tamar's Voice (www.tamarsvoice.org)
    Survivors will be encouraged to know, when reading this book, that they are not alone and that they can emerge victorious from the shame and pain they are suffering with, as Beth has.  A very hopeful and real book...and another quick read.
  • Questions and Answers About Clergy Sexual Misconduct (From the Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute)
    by Elizabeth A. Horst Ph.D.

    From the point of view of those harmed by CSA, this book answers some basic questions about clergy abuse in a way that helps all involved to continue the process of working toward healing and compassion.
  • Sex in the Forbidden Zone
    by Peter Rutter, MD

    Technically this is not a book directed solely at Clergy Sexual Abuse (CSA) but is directed to all abuses of power (teachers, therapists, employers, etc).  Among other reasons, this book is a must read for all survivors because it outlines the abuser's grooming methods step-by-step.  Not only will this dissection of  abuser's methods help survivors see exactly how they were set up to fall prey, but it is likely to leave them stunned that these methods are not uncommon or even unique to their situations and there is healing in this awareness.