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National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-799-SAFE (24 Hours)
800-799-3224 (TDD)

Department of Justice:  Violence Against Women Office

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

Prevent Child Abuse America

There may be times in our lives when a professional in a position of power, authority, or trust can take advantage of us in ways we may never have imagined possible. If this has happened to you, AdvocateWeb.org offers HOPE!

FaithTrust Institute
International, inter-religious, educational resource ministry addressing issues of sexual and domestic violence

Associates in Education and Prevention in Pastoral Practice, Inc. (AEPPP) is an inter-religious, educational and healing ministry which exists to prevent sexual and domestic violence and to promote ethical conduct within communities of faith.

The Awareness Center
Dedicated to Addressing Sexual Abuse in Jewish Communities Around the World

RAINN - Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

Statistics, Research and Resources on Child Abuse

Sexual Abuse/Child Abuse Among Jehovah's Witnesses

Tamar's Voice: Jan Tuin, Co-director of Tamar's Voice is the author of "What About Her?" She wrote it under her penname, Beth Van Dyke.

The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service is an independent Christian-based charity that provides professional training, resources, advice and support in all areas of child protection and good working practice. Our services are used not only by churches across the denominational spectrum, but increasingly by other faith groups and secular organisations who wish to utilise the resources and expertise CCPAS is able to offer.

Confronting Collusion in Churches.  A source of empowerment and education for survivors, church leaders, and survivor advocates struggling with clergy sexual abuse, domestic violence, and incest.

Interfaith Sexual Trauma Institute
Saint John's Abbey and University

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Stop Educator Sexual Abuse, Misconduct, and Exploitation!
SESAME believes the power imbalance between a teacher and student (of any age) creates a climate that can facilitate sexual exploitation behavior by the teacher, behavior that is psychologically equivalent to incest.

Love Doesn't Have to Hurt Teens

Clergy Sexual Abuse in Australia
Sampling from the site:  "This page provides a forum for information about clergy sexual abuse, and society's, the Church's and the victims' responses to it. Some abuse in a church context is not perpetrated by clergy, however, but by religious or by lay people. When I refer to "clergy", all members of orders, male and female, and all religious leaders of any kind, including cult leaders and gurus, are included because of the authority that their "calling" confers on them in the minds of those whom they supposedly serve. "  read more

Joshua Childrens Foundation
Assisting victims/survivors of child sexual abuse

Communities Against Violence Network

Violence Against Women - Online Resources

Out of the Abyss
Quote from site:  "The information and links provided on this page are in no manner intended in any professional capacity. I do not and cannot verify the accuracy, applicability, and advisability of any methods, procedures, information, or processes contained on any of these pages and links; nor am I responsible for any effects you may or may not have as a result of reading these pages." read more

To: Pastors
From: A Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse

The Linkup - Survivors of Clergy Abuse