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"Clergy Sexual Abuse" Article by Fran Park.
A brief overview of Clergy Sexual Abuse: definitions, statistics, effects and solutions.

Clergy Sexual Abuse: Theological and Gender Perspectives:  A panel discussion among Donald Cozzens, William Schipper, Merle Longwood, Marie Fortune and Elaine Graham

"In The Trenches" By David Clohessy
Abstract: David Clohessy directs the SNAP organization which is a support group for those abused by clergy. This article is his keynote speech at the American Academy of Religion meeting in Atlanta in November, 2003. He shares his personal story as a survivor and takes a critical look at the current efforts by the Roman Catholic Church to respond to the sex abuse crisis.

When the Rabbi Sins by Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

Making Justice: Sources of Healing for Incest Survivors by Marie M. Fortune
Survivors of abuse perpetrated by teachers, pastors, doctors and other trusted adults suffer from symptoms akin to those suffered by survivors of familial incest.  This helpful article can therefore apply to all such survivors.

Child Abuse and the Church By Audray Johnson
"Do the recent disclosures of child abuse within the Catholic church have anything to do with us as Seventh-day Adventists? If you say no, think again!"   Author Audray Johnson is Director of Family Ministries for the Southeastern California Conference.

"Dear Editor: The Flock Responds"
Adventist Review, Online Edition, 2003
"Some articles gather only modest and mild-mannered responses. Others provoke strong words and sharp emotions. Every now and again we seem to touch a vibrating nerve in the church, and the response is out of proportion to what we might have expected. Such was the response of our readers to our February AnchorPoints cover feature--"Unfaithful: When Shepherds Become Wolves." read more

Review and Critique of Statements on Abuse and Family Violence
by Karen Flowers, MA (Co-director, General Conference Department of Family Ministries)
Loma Linda University Center for Bioethics Update newsletter March 2005
Ms Flowers offers her thoughts, as one who has been closely connected to the SDA church’s journey on this issue over nearly twenty-five years.